March 16, 2019


Maybe, after a while, my labmates become accustomed. Also, the included Intuos pen has been improved. On the pen displays front, sometimes touch input gets in the way of your work and can interfere with the pen, even with the excellent palm rejection on newer Wacom models. Take a look at the Bamboo Splash or Capture models. I’ve read the majority of the comments and just when I think someone has asked the question I want answers to, I don’t quite get the answers. Create over the intous4m? It was really bad on the old Intuos3 lineup.

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Actually, mine is the Intuos5, but the Pro changes just the name. And thanks for the suggestions The Connect and Capture models are too small for use with a 24″ screen and inadequate if you want to extend your laptop’s desktop to both the internal 15″ screen and the external LCD.

Wow I enjoyed your review very much, I have to disagree with this recommendation for some people. Safe and Secure Payments. We’ll start discussing the issue in our budget meeting tomorrow, and I’ll try to remember to post the outcome. Eventually, I’ll be using the touch feature more than the mouse. Along with the new name, there are a few other differences between Intuos and Bamboo Create the previous generation tablet.


Product support

I just started using an Intuos Pro, and I absolutely love it. Since it uses many of the same gestures as an iPad or tablet PC, using multi-touch feels very intuitive and responsive. However, I’m second thoughts after reading some reviews saying that the USB Port that becomes loose over time. Some users developed third party switching apps that may help you. Also, the included Intuos pen has been improved.

I find the larger tablets are difficult to use along with a keyboard and work better with a desk arrangement where they sit centralized in front of you, with the keyboard further back and in a secondary role. Hope to hear from you soon. Otherwise the medium model is more adequate and, in my opinion, also more comfortable to use.

Full Review: Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Tablet – Top Graphics Tablets

I will be directing fellow Photographers and Graphic Artists to this site in the future!! Thats far greather thanso from this view, it would be enough? That’s a really helpful reply!

The only difference is the software bundle. This is a deal breaker for me, so I’d choose the medium model even if it’s not perfectly adequate for the huge resolution of both LCDs combined.

Thanks for the comment. Which brings me to something that I have never found an answer for. I’d be grateful if you could elaborate the difference with respect to the bundled software and its bearing on the price.


Thank you for your comment. I am thinking about buying a Capture so I can present and work through problems better than using a mouse to write. Make sure to check our camera ctn tool.

Syreeta, The tilt cfh is useful only when you’re trying to mimic traditional media techniques and only in programs that allow you to map the tilt to the brush shape or any other dynamicslike Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. It can be a problem if you have to disconnect the USB cable and carry the tablet around everyday. It has really helped me to understand these tablets far more than any other article I have found thus far.

John, I’d go for the Bamboo Create. Right now I own a Wacom bambo medium, to draw stuff. I intos little bit confused, which one to buy.

Having a tablet would free you from scanning those sketches and it’s also a more ergonomic device than a mouse. They’re too small for precision work, in my opinion.