February 11, 2019


The update worked without a hitch, and it fixed the incompatibility with the VT6X4 motherboard. The image is sharper with the higher resolution, but more realistic with FSAA and a lower resolution. ELSA 6-year service warranty. Texture and Lighting Engine: All of the ‘Cons’ listed below can be considered relatively minor.

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Unlike our earlier experiences testing GeForce cards, the newer Detonator drivers 5. However, one area ELSA has historically been weaker in is market presence. The problem is, you cannot find a GeForce card anywhere.

But 32mmb does eliminate most artifacts present in 3D accelerated moving images.

Geforce2mx ELSA Gladiac MX AGP ATX Graphics Card

Retail stores claim the cards are on backorder while the manufacturers claim that it is the retailer’s fault. The fact is, that any type of 3D hardware needs software support. This suggests that the slider is more like an on-off switch than a slider. I used Coolbits, built-into the Detonator drivers, to do the overclocking. Most features you could want in a 3D card High quality construction Really good drivers and utilities finally!

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Both online and off-line, it seems that no one carries any GeForce cards. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The newest Detonator-3 6.

It is for this reason that cards are already on their way to store shelves. Tladiac installed vladiac newer 5. If you have a very large monitor, like 21″, and you expect to run your Gladiac at high resolutions like xthen you will want the 64MB model. They have just about all the features you could want except maybe environmental bump mapping. Four months later, in January ofthe problem continues to exist. There have been reports of Gladiac incompatibilities with certain systems.

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Everything about the new “GPU” looks great: All of the ‘Cons’ listed below can be considered relatively minor. When overclocking the memory on the Gladiac alone, up from MHz to MHz, the 3D Mark scores went from toor about four and a half percent xx The system booted into Windows without problems, but would not run any 3D application without hanging.

Many consumers are excited to get one, regardless of price. Ellsa a fill rate of 1. I was able to overclock the Gladiac to MHz on the core, and to MHz on the memory without creating visual artifacts.


Getting a GeForce based card is next to impossible, causing you to throw in the towel. Once again, you are anxious to get one, regardless of cost. Image quality was very good at gladdiac middle setting, but slight blurring was evident.

ELSA Gladiac GeForce2

At higher resolutions and color depths, the performance difference glsdiac the two 3D-boosting methods is greatly reduced, as the GeForce’s fill rate becomes the bottleneck. ELSA cards have consistently received praise for high manufacturing quality as well as superior product support. I ran these tests with and without overclocking, and compared the results.

Seem like a pipe dream? The layout of the board was nice, and the hardware appeared well built.

In the legend in the graph above, the system speed is represented by the first number, and bus speed by the second.